SpeakerSnap Banana Plug

Whether you're connecting a simple stereo system or a massive audio rack, Speaker Snap connectors make installation quick, easy and professional.

Fast, easy, secure - the innovative and professional banana plug for all speaker cabling applications. Speaker Snap is simply the fastest and easiest way to terminate a speaker cable available in the industry.

The connectors use a patent-pending lever to create a secure connection between cable and connector - no set screws or soldering required! The strong spring and gold-plated plug lock the cable and provide a solid electrical connection. They support 2qmm - 4qmm speaker cable.


Unique features of the SpeakerSnap Banana connector

  • gold plated connectors
  • for speaker cables from 2qmm - 4qmm cross section
  • for AV receivers, power amplifiers, loudspeakers and wall connections
  • designed for easy and quick installation
  • Absolutely tool-free installation, no soldering iron, Allen key or screwdriver required

Different packing units according to your needs.

The SpeakerSnap Banana plugs are available in a wide variety of packaging units - from one pair to 50 pairs to suit your needs.


1 pair

Packing unit 2 pieces


2 pair

Packing unit 4 pieces


4 pair

Packing unit 8 pieces


6 pair

Packing unit 12 pieces


12 pair

Packing unit 24 pieces


25 pair

Packaging unit 50 pieces


50 pair

Packing unit 100 pieces