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We are a distribution partner of manufacturers of AV products for Germany and Western Europe and offer professional equipment for the private home cinema fan through selected, competent specialist dealers.

Our mission: to provide innovative home theater solutions of outstanding quality - at fair prices.



Innovative connectors for music and home theater lovers

We are the exclusive distributor of the innovative and professional products of SpeakerSnap for Germany and Austria and offer the innovative Banana plugs for the private home cinema fan or professional user via selected specialist dealers.

SpeakerSnap Banana plugs are the perfect solution for connecting your speaker cables. You save real time thanks to tool-free assembly with perfect connection of the cables with the devices or the speakers.

Conventional banana plugs are sometimes tedious and time-consuming to install, with SpeakerSnap you have the innovative and professional alternative, both permanently installed in the home theater, music room, sound studio, etc., as well as in the event technology for mobile use on site.

Product presentation of the SpeakerSnap Banana connector


MAG Theatron Performance Series

Home theater speakers for fans of professionals

We are the exclusive distributor of MAG Audio for Germany and Western Europe and offer professional loudspeakers for the private home cinema fan through selected, competent dealers with audio solutions of the MAG Audio Theatron line.

The MAG Theatron Performance Series represents the next level of professional home theater technology. Technology that is already thrilling audiences in several thousand halls worldwide. Unbelievable dynamics in combination with a unique dispersion characteristic. You are enveloped, hear the finest details and almost limitless space.

Further advantages: Exceptional price-performance ratio and high investment security thanks to the manufacturer's long product warranty.

MAG Theatron Performance Series Product Trailer

In test: The MAG Theatron Performance Series in XXL test at LowBeats

"Conclusion: Authentic cinema and rock concert at home!

Of course, the MAG Theatron looks and feels rather crude at first. But they are perfectly "purpose built" as it is so wonderfully neo-German. They were conceived and built to deliver really great, sovereign sound in dedicated home theaters and that at any level and to the point.

Space is precious in any home theater, especially in Central Europe, and the super-flat designs take this into account. The horns tilted from the center plane allow a flat wall mounting with correct alignment without any noticeable disadvantages, without the need to angle the entire box. In addition, the pressure chamber horns sound contrary to some competitors fine and mild, yet with power and frequency response to over 20kHz.

The overall frequency response is anything but linear - but that almost doesn't matter because every cinema is individually equalized today anyway. Criticism: A little more harmonious midrange and a lack of real low bass. Complaining on a high level, especially since in the "big" cinemas not much happens below 30Hz. These systems tend to get their "pressure" from areas between 50 and 300 Hertz anyway. Thanks to the enormous efficiency, small outputs are sufficient for powerful levels until the trouser legs flutter or the pistol shot is felt in the chest. One saying is true in every respect with MAG Theatron: "That's a lot of wood for the money!"

MAG Theatron test logo LowBeats

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