About SpeakerSnap

SpeakerSnap is an American company in the field of high-quality connectors for speaker cables.

As a professional integrator in the USA, Rick Goren is always looking for ways to save time during his company's installations. The solution he has found is the SpeakerSnap connectors, which give you a simple tool to make a secure connection quickly and reliably.

Speaker Snap is simply the fastest and easiest way to terminate a speaker cable available in the industry. The connectors use a patent-pending lever to create a secure connection between cable and connector - no set screws or soldering required! The strong spring and gold-plated plug lock the cable in place and provide a solid electrical connection. They support 2qmm - 4qmm speaker cable.

Whether you're connecting a simple stereo system or a massive audio rack, Speaker Snap connectors make installation quick, easy and professional.

Mounting the SpeakerSnap Banana connectors is so easy, you almost can't believe it:

  1. Strip speaker cable
  2. Twist cable end together
  3. turn the yellow lever upwards by 90 degrees
  4. Insert cable
  5. turn the yellow lever down by 90 degrees again

Ready - without tools, without crimping pliers or soldering iron, fast, safe and easy!